Scary movie problably a slasher 90's?

I remember watching this movie a couple of times when I had like 8 or 10, the only thing that I remember is the end scene, before the credits, a men bleeding after an accident (maybe a plane accident, almost sure that this men is the “killer”), Like I said before the movie ends, one of his hands moves a little bit and that’s all.

Not sure but maybe the last scene happens in a kinda of a desert land (day time)

I KNOW ITS hard haha

if you like horror movies help me find this one

“The Outpost” (1995), also known as “Mind Ripper”?

The ending of the movie (quote from the above Wikipedia page):
“The survivors fly to safety and Thor is shown motionless where he has fallen, until his hand twitches, indicating he is still alive.”