Scene from unknown movie with Escape from New York vibes

As a kid I saw a movie where (as far as I remember) in one of the first scenes a man in a wheelchair is forced to watch a woman in a robe being stabbed in the stomach. There are a bunch of bad guys who opens her robe revealing her naked body whereafter they stab her.
Afterwards I believe the guy in the wheelchair is threatned or killed with a meat mallet.
I get vibes ala Escape from New York

  • This is around 25 years ago so my memory is really vague. The house I saw the movie in was sold in 1999 so it has to be from before that. I know the info is sparse but I hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

Is it “A Clockwork Orange” 1971 A Clockwork Orange | Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment - YouTube