Scene with a chinese lady dressed in red

Recently (about 4 years ago), I have watched a movie or documentary with an asian lady (likely chinese or korean) dressed in red. I didnt have time to watch all of it, and I lost track of it. I’ve been trying to find that sequence ever since but I could not.

The scene happens at night, and shows a beautiful asian lady sitting on a chair at the reception of a hotel. She is alone, has a nail file and she is filing her nails. A guy walks through the door, she stands up and leads him to the upper floor, where she opens a door and lets the man in one room.
She never talks, and I dont think the guy sais anything either.
She closes the door behind the guy, and then, from the corridor, she peaks through the keyhole inside the man’s room, where she sees him sat on a chair, with a bag on his lap (this is fuzzy memory and may not be accurate. Also, I think the man is wearing a gray suit but that may not be accurate either).
She then returns to the reception, and we see her walking both from the front and from behind.
The scene may be entirely silent except from the sounds of her high heels. Or, if this is a documentary, there is a naration in the background.
It it’s a movie, than its probably an action crime spy movie.
If its a documentary, it may be a cosmos/univers physics docu, where they try to make an analogy to point to some quantum phenomena.
The girl dress is like in these pictures, she even looked similar but more voluptuous:
Any help is appreciated.
p.s. It is not the documentary Killers of the Cosmos, from Discovery Channel, although in my mind it has a similar atmosphere.

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In The Mood For Love? Not a spy movie but the lead actress wears a lot of beautiful dresses.

You’ve probably already found the movie somewhere else but just in case you’re still looking–could it be Lust, Caution?