Science Fiction movie which ends with woman having an androids baby

Hey everyone! I really want to watch this movie again, but I’ve never been able to figure out what it’s called. It’s a science fiction (probably early or mid 2000’s) movie about a group of humans who go to another planet. In the movie, there are androids but no one knows who they are because they’re able to blend in with humans so well. The movie ends with one of the androids taking one of the human women off the planet. If I remember right, the last scene of the movie is a close up of the women’s belly revealing that the android impregnated her with his baby. Any help in finding this movie would be greatly appreciated!

Think you’re looking for Demon Seed!

Thank you, but that’s not quite it. The movie wasn’t that dated. And it also takes place on another planet with a group of people.

Sorry, man. The only other movies that are similar (off the top of my head) Xtro, and Emryo.

Have you tried these sites? They’re pretty good, at least I have had a positive experience using them. It’s frustrating not being able to name a movie, show, book, etc. Good luck with your search! Peace!