Scottish film about someone coming home from prison

This is a film I watched when younger, around 20 years ago, and it has now got stuck in my memory. I think it is fairly obscure. I believe it was set in Scotland, but my possibly be Ireland.
From what I remember the blurb in the TV Guide said something about a man, having coming out of prison, returning to his old stomping ground in [town name].
I remember very little about the plot, but some scenes I remember: -

-There is a small ‘riot’ type incident in the middle of a suburb, where the police vans are attacked by guys on horses, wearing balaclavas and carrying bats. During this scene, two women commence a lesbian affair, which is discovered, possibly by police officers.

-One of the male characters is trespassing on a farm, when he is discovered by the woman who lives there. She holds him at gunpoint, and make him have sex with her. During sex, he compliments he breasts, which frustrates her, and she makes an attempt to shoot herself. The male stops her and comforts her. I think they may start a relationship from this point.

-Near the end of the film there is a fight in a cafe or chip shop. I is instigated when the two male characters are banging on the table demanding their food.

-At the end of the film, the two main male characters have a fight. One possibly hits the other over the head with a rock. At first it seems as this character has been killed, and it shows a bird, maybe a seagull, pecking at the body. The male then rouses, punches the seagull off him, and lies back down. I think this is where the film ends.

As you might guess, it was quite a quirky film. Sorry I don’t remember much about it…


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