Searching for a long time

I don’t have any more place left to ask…
This movie develop centering a boy. The first scene if I remembered correctly was where the boy having a dream of walking around naked in front of everyone (maybe most of them wearing white colors cloths). This boy had a roommate. That roommate guy used to have long blonde hair and often admire himself in front of the mirror. Our mc boy often fantasize about sexual scenarios (he even fantasize having sex with his roommate. If remember the movie had a lot of nsfw scenes and every type of duo (lesbian/gay/straight). The first s-x scene of our mc was with a girl he met on a bar while drunk if I remembered clearly.
The movie had a lot of nudity but not explicit sex scene as much as I remember…
I explained everything I knew… IDK anymore. I watched it back in 2012-13 in MTV. but it was maybe Russian MTV or something which is why I couldn’t note down the name cause i didn’t understand the language.
I really am looking forward to it. Searched through ‘whatismymovie ai’, reddit, IMDb and all I could. Now help me please ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ

I think I found it…


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this sounds vaguely familiar. it was set in a college/university? there was some teen comedy where the dude feared being naked on stage talking or something…i can see it in my head but cannot think of name just yet.

edit: eurotrip? EuroTrip (2004) - IMDb

“cashback” was similar-ish, but in a grocery store setting.