Second world war movie with a hospital and soldiers, perhaps Italian movie

My friend watched this movie in Europe before 2006, not sure if it’s an American made movie or a co-production among European countries. He remember only two scenes from it - an American (I believe so) guy getting trained during boot camp. Another scene is at a hospital. A Nazi sentry is at its entrance. The good guy takes his knife/bayonet and jumps down from a balcony and kills the Nazi soldier.

It’s not any of the Dirty Dozen movies nor is the Biloxi Blues. It was a very serious movie. I believe there was some kind of a love story. The girl was working in the hospital and the soldier, who killed the Nazi soldier by jumping off the balcony came to save her.

New information from my friend:

"I remembered one more scene - the protagonist, the good guy, and a girl make out next to a wall of a building. All of a sudden sirens can be heard all around. Bombers start dropping bombs some distance away from them but they don’t stop kissing.

The other scene is at a bootcamp. His drill Sargeant asks him if he knows how to use a gun and he says no. I don’t think he was part of the regular army or regular army bootcamp. So, he might have been trained to be a spy/saboteur/member of the resistance.

I think the song Caruso was used which makes me think the movie might be Italian.

I watched it in Europe probably in the 90s or early 2000s. 100% sure it was before 2006. I believe it was colored. Could be a TV movie or mini TV-series."

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