Serial Killer of Redheads

Around 2010s movie. I do not remember much detail: detective goes to countryside because redheads have been disappearing. the last girl is being mourned in the community and people have been putting teddy bears and such by her house. Detective sees the killer while this kind of activities happen but cant catch him. Then he discovers a hotel where abductor has kept the girls for more than 20 years and there was lots of video tapes. In the end of the movie we see fish which somehow connected everything together. I think it could be european or latin movie.

Around half a year ago, I have seen Italian film La ragazza nella nebbia from 2017. It has serial killer who switched from killing redheads to catching fish, if I remember correctly. I don’t remembers teddy bears or video tapes, as I have seen hundreds of films in the meantime, but it might be the one.