SF movie from the late 80's or early 90's, guy has scythes on his arms or something

Barely remember this one, I watched as a kid on VHS, there was a guy with scythes on his arms, in a costume similar to Spider man as far as I can remember. I think, really not sure, I think green-like colored (not really sure).

Would be amazing if someone can help with this one. Thanks!!!

“Edward Scissorhands” 1990 Edward Scissorhands (1990) - IMDb

Thanks but it’s not that one. It was an action fighting movie I think.

Life action and sci-fi, not fantasy?

Sorry for the late reply, I missed the email notification for your reply!

Yes, action movie, not fantasy. Not sure if it can be called SF though.
Also, can’t remember how the fighting scenes where like. Not a Chinese kungfu movie, I think American.

Would be so fun to find that movie!

I would say The Guyver or The Guyver: Dark Hero

Are you certain it’s a movie and not a kid’s series like Power Rangers? They have all type of monsters:

It’s been 30 years, so it’s all blurry, but I think you are the closest to it. In my head, the name started with “s”, so something like Saber or Scythe, and for some reason the green color is related to it. But I really cannot be sure.

I’m certain it was not a series, it was a movie I watched on VHS