Short animation about robots

Hello, I watched this short animation a year ago. It starts like this: A special squad rides on an armored car with an open roof. They go to an abandoned city after the war, through the desert (like Vegas). They have exo suits/mecha. In the city, they find autonomous combat large robots / machines. One is killed. The second fought them in the subway, where they planted a bomb(?). In the end, either everyone died, or one person remained.

Sounds like an episode from this:

I already checked, it’s not

Fighting robots in the deserts + mecha suits sounds like the first episode of Ghost in the Shell 2045: Watch Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 | Netflix Official Site

No, its not ghost the shell

Possibly one of the Appleseed Movies. Or there was one on Netflix that has now been removed that sounds very similar

Nah, not this, not appleseed

was it this?

anime or western animation?

YOO guys finally found it.
By chance. Its “A Farewell to Arms / Buki yo Saraba”, one of four short films under the general title “Short Peace”.
Thanks all for try to help me!