Short film its fairly modern

This short film was about different love languages.

It starts off with one male character(lets call him Peter) getting ready for his date in his apartment( he set up the date through meeting someone online that he invited to his house)

The date( lets call him Matt comes early and makes themselve at home. Peter’s roommate is alseep but Matt keeps apologizing for making noise. Matt grabs a Knife from the kitchen and makes a comment to Peter, which makes Peter uncomfortable. Peter brings them to the room to watch a movie. When Peter leaves to get drinks for them and Matt puts the radio on full blast. Matt apologizes again and peter says maybe this isnt a good idea and Matt pleads to stay matt says your acting different from your text online. Peter leaves the room and comes back to Matt with his shirt off. Peter is now more serious about Matt leaving thats when matt says i dont want to leave. matt gets closer to peter trying to kiss him and peter hits him and matt grabs his stuff and leaves and few seconds later peter runs after Matt (regretting hitting him) but Peter cant find him

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Found it its called " How to say I love you at night"

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