Short series about gaslighting at work

It’s a 2 or 3-episodes series from some streaming platform (not netflix, but maybe amazon, or peacock - something like that), Most likely American, or British, from 2010s, about a diligent sales manager. He works hard to keep his family fed and, in general, a positive character. Somewhat awkward, typical “good student who worked hard to earn his position”, of a middle age.
His colleagues want him to be fired (they’re at least 1 man and 2 women, I might forget about others) and they create different situations to make him look incompetent and not suitable for the position - mess with his clock to make him skip a meeting, change documents, etc., etc.
In the end he’s desperate and about to be fired, he understands that they mess with him, but don’t have any evidence. He provokes one of the colleagues (the nicest and the kindest woman, who looked to be the less against him, but turns out she’s the kingpin) to confess - she understands that he’s finished, so she starts the classical “villain’s monologue” to reveal the plan and feel powerful.
He secretly records the discussion on the voice recorder, and, while being emotional, she used a racial slur against him (she’s white and he’s black). So after that he wrote a letter to the company and threatened to sue it for racism. They had to pay him a lot of money, and he left the job satisfied with a ton of money.

the man

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