Should be easy. Jack Nicholson, apartment super, has amnesia and a cheating wife

Howdy good people!

I did all the normal looky-up-stuff. Filmography Imbd…I just can’t find it.
So… Starts out, Jack is the super/caretaker of an apartment building. But slowly remembers bit by bit that he was knocked in the head and received amnesia. His horrific wife convinced him and his damaged brain that he is the super of the apartments. But truly, he is her husband and the owner of the building. Meanwhile the actual building super is living and sleeping with Jack’s wife.
I thought this was going to super easy to find but it eludes me.

So kind friends, let me know who has the answer. I am pretty sure this will be a quick solve.
Thank you all so much for your time in reading this and be blessed!

Is it Jericho Mansions (2003)?

Jericho Mansions (2003) - IMDb?

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Just pulled it up on to preview your movie…

YEAP :slight_smile: That’s the one. Don’t know why I thought it Jack N. but you hit it on the head.

Thank you!

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