Slightly-disturbing family / adventure film I saw on Prime Video

Hey there,
I saw a film with my dad a few years ago that was very bizarre and kind of disturbing. I think it was a PG-rating (I live in the UK) and was released around 2014-ish. I can remember most of the plot, but I can’t find it anywhere on Google or iMDB.
Here’s what I remember:

  • It was on Prime Video UK around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The film opens with a girl (I think 11-ish?) and her (alcoholic?) dad. The dad warns the girl not to venture outside at night, or else The Beast will get her. She does so anyway (I think she wanted to see her boyfriend?), and we see her screaming as two glowing lights (the Beast’s eyes) quickly approach her.

  • An unspecified period of time passes, and a young woman (the main character / MC) wants to start a new life, so she moves to an island. (I think the island’s name is featured in the title, but I’m not sure).

  • She goes to work at the island’s only source of income, a large hotel in the centre of the island. One memory of this part of the film that sticks out to me is a scene wherein the protagonist is talking to a doorman, who seems kindly, until she says that she is looking for a job. The doorman looks at the MC with disgust, and points her to a dingy ‘staff entrance’.

  • She then meets a new friend, who tells her about The Beast, and of the reason this hotel is so popular: its spa is reported to have therapeutic powers, making anyone who uses it look more youthful.

  • I don’t remember much of what happens between this point and the film’s climax, but she meets the hotel owner in one scene. He’s a typical movie villain stereotype, right up to his clipped RP accent, but we don’t really know who he is until later. She also discovers some mysterious holes in the ground, about the size of an young child (think underage chimney sweep-size).

  • The climax of the film is that the owners of the hotel (RP man and his wife, who runs the spa) are the baddies, and they’re kidnapping kids under the guise of The Beast (it’s actually just a modified tractor that sucks up the kids), and using them to dig for a magical crystal / killing them for their lifeblood so the owners and their clients can look youthful.

  • The part of the film I found really disturbing was when the MC tried to save the kids. After a quick villain speech, both the hotel owners put on 1940s-style gas masks, and try to kill / anesthetize the children and the MC with some sort of poison gas, all while going “time to sleep now, children!” in a creepy voice.

All in all, it was pretty weird.
If anyone knows what this film is, or worked on it, I’d love to know what it was.

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Hi, is this an English film or American?

I think it was English (the MC had a regular southern-UK accent, the baddies spoke in RP).
Not 100% sure though

Update: My dad reckons this film was set in Victorian/Edwardian times. He also thinks it could have been set in a Scottish island (think Shetlands)?

I’ve found it!
It’s the 2014 film Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box.
It includes a lot of what I remember (magical hotel, demon tractor, gas masks), and some I don’t (MC is a boy, what I thought was poison gas was a bomb, and the MC’s parents are in some secret government organisation.)
Thanks if you did try to find it!