Soap opera? Tv show? Based somewhere in 2000s in a big city

I have been searching everywhere for this tv show I use to watch and I can’t remember if it was a soap opera or just a tv show but it’s based in a big city and it’s a younger cast. The male star actor is either a famous singer or something in the sorts but he is very rich and this ordinary female actress comes along somehow in his life and that’s where all the drama and romance and complications come into play. I don’t know why but my brain thinks that the word “light” or “city” is in the title of the show but I’ve searched everything and whatever I see is not it. I keep remembering scenes based on the actors place which is in a penthouse or something in the sorts. But like I said the cast is younger than other shows maybe like in their 20s? Ahhh please help!!

“young and hungry” comes to mind, but it has a comedy element.