SOLVED, thanks ~ It's a movie about the Chinese Army in Korea

Hi, I’m looking for the title of a movie I’ve seen recently but can’t find again. It depicts the plight and adventures of the Chinese Peoples’ Volunteer Army in Korea during the civil war.

It includes the story of Mao Anying, the son of Mao Zedong, who was killed in that war, even though this episode is not central to the story. The movie shows the hardships encountered and suffered by the soldiers, marching and fighting in the mountains in freezing cold temperatures, and facing an opponent who had superior firepower, control of the skies, and infinite supplies.

It can be easy to mistake this movie as propaganda, because real history is mostly unknown in the West. It has all the elements of action /hero /endurance movie, along with praise for those who willingly sacrificed themselves in the struggle.

The movie was made in the modern era, it’s in color, and in the Chinese language.

Can you please help me find this movie? Thanx!

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The poster founded himself.

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