Strange spheres with nubs that get smaller as they divide and stick to people

Either a movie or TV show. Large spheres (4ft?) with protrusions appear all over and attract attention as they just sit there. I don’t think you ever see them move, just see them in new places. They are impervious to any investigation like opening them or breaking them. Over time they divide/multiply making more and smaller ones. They end up sticking to people and as they get really small might end up becoming viruses, I can’t remember. Seems like I saw this a few years ago, it’s probably after 2000.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008)?

Watched this, thanks for the suggestion. Definitely not the same spheres. These are glowing/shimmering. The ones I remember are black/gray and look like old naval mines, or rather the old cartoon version. Spheres with blunted conical protrusions, maybe twelve total. Sort of like the picture of the virus you see on the news all the time, but smooth and possibly metallic. Not sure if there is a technical term for this shape.

So the first thing that comes to mind when you say spheres that stick in people, reminds me of Phantasm. The first one doesn’t fit but there are several sequels after all the way up to 2016 I believe. I have not seen all of them.