Supermarket collapses and people tell stories in the ground whilst they wait to be rescued

I am trying to find a film that I watched many years ago (sometime between 2005-2013. The film is not necessarily from this time). I’m pretty sure it was a film I watched from LoveFilm so it’s possible that it is not a well known film and I haven’t been able to find anything from internet searches.

What I remember from the film is that a supermarket collapses (most likely an earthquake) and there are people who are trapped underground in the rubble waiting to be rescued. Whilst they are waiting, they take turns (or maybe its just one person) to tell the story of parts of their life and the film shows these scenes. One I remember something about a woman in a barn. There are a few people trapped together but I only remember a boy and an old man. One scene I remember from them trapped is someone lighting a candle so they can see each other. Im not sure what country the film is from but I think that it was in English. Obviously it is a scary film as they are trapped but the main theme is not horror/thriller as they focus on the story that it told. The title possibly has the word dark in but I’m not sure about this.

I have been trying to find the name of this film for years and years so if I find it I will be so relieved. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me with this

Somewhere in the Darkness (1999)?

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