Supernatural movie

A woman meets a man (soldier?) at a bar/dance. They end up going back to a room (hotel I believe) and in the morning she wakes up and he is gone but there is seaweed in the bed. She goes to the beach… It ends up that he died at sea in the war and this was a ghost. This film has been bugging me for ages but I don’t remember much of it, possibly set in the past, maybe after WW2. Help please??

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Thinking now possibly it was part of a series (Twilight Zone etc) or part of an anthology movie as there doesnt seem to be enough happening for a full length movie. I would have watched in on TV around the mid 90s so it would be early 90s at the latest, possibly 80s or before.

Nobody have any ideas?

I dug a little, but “Night Gallery” is what keeps coming up, and I don’t see a matching premise. Makes me think I need to look at other anthology shows of the era, more than movies I think

Yeah i dont believe its that but thank you, i appreciate the effort!! I wish i remembered more, its mainly her waking up with the seaweed in bed and rushing to the beach. I think they are dancing earlier in the film, to old fashioned music, and he could be in the soldiers uniform, but I am not too sure about this.

I’m thinking that this was British or at least set in Britain… I can see the end vividly where they wake up and theres seaweed in the bed and head to the beach. Not sure how they find out it was a soldier who died in the war but pretty sure that was the case. Was possibly more modern? Sorry I don’t have more to go on…

Anybody have any ideas? This one has been genuinely bugging me for years…

Hi, wow good shout!! Its probably something like that… Don’t think its that though, I specifically remember the seaweed in the bed and it ended on the beach at the sea… Will check all of the TOTU later but didnt seem to end like that. Thank you though!!

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I feel like I’ve seen this too. I’m getting either
Tales from the crypt
Creepshow episode.

Its not Creepshow 1 or 2, seen both of them loads of times. Definitely could be an episode of Tales from the Crypt, I wouldve watched it around the time that was on aswell so I will look into it, thanks!!!

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