Supernaturalish Horror/Thriller. Boy causes apocalypse. 2010's

This was a movie I watched around 2013-2014, and I’m fairly certain it came out sometime around 2012-2014 as I had found it on a pirate site with new arrivals back then, so wasn’t too old.

Anyways, I’m fairly certain it had either numbers in the title, or was just numbers as the title. Perhaps something with a slash in it, like 10/11. Where the title was the date the apocalypse was supposed to happen. (No, it’s not The Asylum’s 11-11-11 movie.)

There was a kid that was going to be the cause of the event. The mother goes to the hospital several times in the movie, I believe to find out what’s wrong with her son(?), and each time she does, something more supernatural happens, such as walls getting scratched, blood appearing in the halls, numbers appearing on walls, there suddenly being no one around, etc. It gets to a point where she has to fight her way out of the hospital as there’s creatures and humans that are gorey and trying to kill and stop her from getting out and keeping the son away from whoever.

Towards the end of the movie, either the father or just a boyfriend of the mother, along with the mother and her son go to a house that’s at the end of a road and end up taking shelter in it as some cult-like people are trying to break in to get the boy to fulfill a prophecy for the apocalypse, something close to that.

Throughout the movie the mother is warned about the specific date that the ending ends up happening on, with her being skeptical of it the time.

13/13/13 (2013).

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