Swordfish on top of a car kills a man

I feel like this should be easy but I haven’t found the answer despite a lot of searching.

A guy knows the date of his death and that he will be killed by a swordfish. He doesn’t go near the sea, but against all odds a fish falls from the top of someone’s car and impales him.

I saw it on tv around 2013, I think it was from the 2000s, not much older than that.
In my blurred memory there was some prophecy or a fortune teller that predicted the death. There is a slight possibility that I saw one of Final Destination films and some other movie with the fish and those have gotten somehow mixed up in my mind.
I guess I need to check out Get Smart if it rings any bell. And maybe a Final Destination marathon…

You might also want to check Sharknado 4:

I watched Get Smart yesterday but it wasn’t it.

I think it should go like this: the main focus is on the character who is escaping, then we are shown how someone transports a swordfish on top of a car and then they finally meet and because of some crash the fish flies in air and hits the guy. It could be in San Fransisco or New York or some big city, I think the car with the fish drives through some bridges.

What about if you replace the swordfish with a unicorn statue or something like that? Does that scene description fit any movie? I’ve always remembered it as a fish but could maybe be a false memory.

Another thing that might or might not be related is a comedy scene where a coffin falls down the stairs and into the street during a funeral. In my mind this scene has some connection to the fish movie but it could also be just another movie I saw at that time.

Thanks for your comments. This is trickier than I though but it’s getting more fun solving!

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MouseHunt has a “coffin falling down stairs” scene, but it’s not brutal enough of a film to kill anyone (it’s a kid’s movie). Here’s some scenes of it:

Do you remember if the film you saw was horror or comedy?

Ok, the funeral scene is probably that from MouseHunt, it looks familiar. I didn’t bring that scene up at first because I already expected it might be from a different movie. But it feels like it has something to do with this memory. Maybe the mood is similar, the fish impaling the guy is so absurd situation that it has a comedic element. But i’m still not sure if the whole movie is comedy or not. Could be something like Hitchcock style black humor…maybe.