Teen drama/thriller/suspense movie?

i believe this movie came out in the 2010s and it wasn’t very popular, a B movie at best. I remember it was about a depressed girl that always wears her hair in a ponytail and listens to music on her phone and she also has a complicated relationship with her mom (her dad died i think) and i think she goes to a party (possibly halloween party ) with her friend. she meets a guy there, i vividly remember the actor’s look, he had a beanie on with shaggy black hair, green eyes, thick eyebrows, tan skin and a hoop nose ring.

I also remember a scene where the characters were in a car and there was something with their phone like searching for someone (possibly her mother?) or a suspicious person (or killer) sent a text?

i also remember they went to an abandoned house to look for something?

i apologize if there’s not enough information, anything would help!

Sounds similar to “Fun Size” (2012) starring Victoria Justice

  • movie about teenager
  • mom issues, dad died
  • halloween night parties
  • looking for lost little brother all over town
  • he is kidnapped by a bully
    Fun Size (2012) - IMDb

it’s not it. the movie I’m describing is full of not well-known actors and actresses. thank you for trying!

That sounds like “Recovery” (2016)

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yesssss thank you so much!!!