Teens in a hospital telling scary stories

I was watching someone else’s movie (a stranger) on their iPad on a United Airlines flight. I saw it after it had started and she turned it off when she went to sleep. She had closed captioning on and I really want to see the movie.
It is about a group of kids/teens - in a hospital - one of them dies, when I first saw it. Then two (teen boy and teen girl) talk about it and somehow they end up in a circle with other kids and the boy tells the story. He says it is about a boy in school who is neither popular or unpopular. He is at lockers listening to a girl tell another girl her parents are away. He goes to her house, and kills her. He goes home and his mom hasn’t spoken in years but he is telling her he did what they (ghosts) told him to do and can she please tell them to go away. Then the other girl asks him in science class the next day if he will go with her somewhere. They stop at the (now-dead) girl’s house and she is a ghost he can see. The girl calls the police because she sees her friend is missing. Help! I don’t know if it is a movie or a series. I know nothing but it was good.

Midnight Club, the new Mike Flanagan show?

OMG!! I just looked it up. That’s IT. Thank you so much!!

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