Temptress for hire fails to seduce a faithful man, and maybe falls in love with him?

I’m looking for a movie that I believe was released in the early 2000s. It may have been a made for TV movie on BET, VH1 or another channel.

The basics of the plot is a woman works as a sort of temptress for hire. She’s hired Woman who want to test if their partner will cheat. In one case, the man she’s testing is proving to be faithful but his girlfriend or wife is hard to convince. She encourages the temptress to keep trying. I think the temptress ends up falling in love with the man because he’s such a good guy or something like that.

From what I remember, the cast is all or mostly black. It’s not Chloe or Two can play that game.

It’s not a thriller or very action heavy. More like a drama, or rom com vibe.
Please help!!