The Horror 80s Movie I have to Find it!

That movie I saw about 30 years ago at my uncle house it was VHS Video he said the named on tag is: “The Creature from Space” I remember from first scene the man and his wife driving the classic car to going some where at night then they saw the shiny object came down from sky, he stoped the car and they’re walking to the place that object was look like a little ship space the door opened something grabbed man’s hand like a belt then some creature like a lizard coming through the Man’s mouth he felt down but awaked few minutes later…they going to bar I think then his hand got hit by gun but he grew up a new bloody hand! That was the power the aliens gave to them they could rebuild their body! they became a group going after to crime…well I remember the girl and his boy friend looking to hunted them…in the end the man crushed down by tran
I saw this movie once time in my life I really love to watched again please help me to find the exactly name and movie​:heart::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Sounds a little like Night of the Creeps. It starts out a little bit and then it goes to black and white for a few minutes and it is a flashback to the 50’s. There is a couple in an older car, the man goes to the woods to find out what crashed in the woods and it is a space capsule. Something jumps in his mouth and it basically flips to current day (when the movie was made of course which was the 80s)


Yeah I think afamouspetty is right on the money:

The B&W scenes start at 3.34


One coming up as similar to Night of the creeps is Deadly Spawn from 1983. I haven’t seen it to verify.