The name of an old movie

This may not be 100% accurate, but I’m trying my best. I’ve been trying for the last 2 or 3 years to remember the name of this movie. Before I get into the plot…the movie is definitely from the late 70’s to early 80’s time frame. It’s pretty much a family adventure type of movie with a little creepy added to it. I feel like the title had words in it along the lines of The Secret, Mystery, Mountain, Cave, Mine, Lake….etc…etc. No, it’s not the Secret of Bear Mountain from 1995.

The plot, at least how I remember it, is a brother and sister are told they are going for a visit to their aunt/uncle and cousins. They are flown to the aunt and uncles location on a small plane that lands on a lake in the mountains. Their cousin is another boy who is excited to see them. He takes his young cousins all around the town and local area to show them things, explore and do what kids do. The kids are all around 10-13 years old I think. They meet this old bearded local gold peddler (I think he’s a gold peddler)….who is friendly and kind of silly and has a wild animal as a pet (maybe a raccoon or something).

While they are visiting….the sister hears a local story about a girl whose family was killed by robbers years ago. After the girls family was killed, she was chased into a mine, or cave or something……and she fell to her death as the robbers chased her. I think there was a treasure or something left in the cave as well, I could be wrong.

In another scene in the movie, two
prisoners escape from jail. They make their way into the local area….I think they may have recovered a map or something, and they were in search of the old treasure left in the mine/cave.

As the movie goes on, the sister begins to see eerie things that relate to the girl who fell to her death years ago. She becomes curious about the history of the girl who died years ago. Eventually the kids get mixed up with the two jail escapees and similar events occur….and they are chased into the cave/mine where the girl died years ago.

Someone else on this planet has to have seen this movie!!! I wish I could remember any actors or actresses….but I don’t think it had any big names in it. The old gold peddler may have had a longer acting history then most in the movie.

Somebody help me!!!

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“Mystery Mansion” from 1983?


a bit off, but “child of glass”?

i am thinking it is in english, right? let me try:
mystery at castle house

mystery at dracula’s castle