This century, dense forrest, family, mental man make a wooden hand to express his feelings


I’m looking for the soundtrack of this movie for ages… without success.

It’s a drama movie, all the family living in a big house in the middle of a dense forrest.

The family is only the woman, man and their daughter.

The wife hires a psychiatrist to help her husband, a mental man (autism? Don’t remember).

The man, at some point, makes a wooden hand to help him to express his feelings. That’s the most claimed scene of this movie, I can’t find anymore the websites about the movie.

The daughter is always dressed in a puppy costume.

The wife starts having feelings about the psychiatrist and that creates a conflict. The mental man is a good man, they (psychiatrist and wife) almost have some intimate contact, but at the end it doesn’t happen and the family keep going the way they always did.

The movie wasn’t released in the big cinemas, only the small ones. I don’t know exactly what year, but it was in this century (2016? 2015?).

was it in english? what was the plot? just all drama? rated r or pg 13? can you remember anything else?

Yes, was in English. There wasn’t any violence or language to make the movie restricted. All drama. The plot: a family (mother/father/ daughter) struggling with a mental husband. Mother hired a psychiatrist to help with the situation. Mother being involved with the psychiatrist (not physically) because he gave attention and support, father tried to fight with his resources (the wooden hand he made to show his feelings was the highest point) and at the end the psychiatrist left the family with no harm.

Happened in a house in a forest. Daughter always dressed in a puppy costume.

it’s a difficult movie to recognize. I’m glad you tried, thank you very much!!

I don’t know if it was a canadian/european movie (I DON’T KNOW) . I’m brazilian, so I wasn’t aware about that.

Thank you very much for trying, really! I’m trying to find the name of this movie for years and years.

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