This is probably really obscure (horror, kidnapping for ransom, demon/devil?)

Hi all first time poster. Not really sure how the bounty system works completely so if someone can explain that in here as well so I can do the payment.

So I vaguely remember a movie I had on in the background what seems like forever ago that just randomly popped into my head the other day there. Must have seen an actor who reminded me of someone from it or something. Memories are funny that way. I dont think its that old really but cant say for certain.

Anyway theres a kid, little girl gravely ill and in need of surgery for something but the family cant afford it.

2 men (the father being 1 of them) and a woman kidnap some high up rich (bald) guy and hold him prisoner in a motel room demanding a ransom from his boss. Cant remember the actress who played her. More about her at the end.

Anyway the movie follows the 3 as they wait for the ransom and try to hide from rich guys bodyguard. I can only remember a scene of him almost catching up with the female kidnapper as she is just leaving a gas station/convenience store where he interrogates the clerk before he crushes the mans head with is bare hands while the kidnapper hides in the grass outside.

There are multiple hallucinations in the motel room which end up causing the suicide of 1 of the male kidnappers and the female I think. Pretty sure I remember a scene where as she is walking through the parking lot we see an out of focus large demon running up behind her but when she turns it is only the motel manager giving her a key.

The movie ends with the bald guys bodyguard finding the motel room and firing into the closet but the surviving kidnapper (the father) had put the bald guy in there and sat on the chair he had been tied to and put a pillowcase over his head. At this moment he stand up and guns down the bodyguard before he is injured by one of the recurring hallucinations of some creature (maybe a horse?) breaking through the wall showing Hell behind. I may be way off with this and confusing memories of different movies but I do know the father gets injured in some way and Im pretty sure it wasnt the bald guys bodyguard.

As he lays dying the bald guys boss enters the room and sits telling the father she’ll save his daughters life if he does something for her to which he agrees. At this point the movie finishes off with the father, who has now been transformed into the bald guy calling his wife to find out how the surgery went and finding out his daughter survived but he cant go back to them due to what he’s been turned into.

Like I say I know its vague, I know its most likely obscure and my discriptions have probably been pretty useless but hopefully this means something to someone.

Thanks for reading


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I am still looking but the main movie that fits many points is called John Q. It doesn’t fit them exactly so I will keep trying, but wanted to offer this movie in case it could be or triggers other memories in the mean time.

a little off, but “self/less”?