This Movie Had Roses,Blood, Big House, Bank Crime

I remember in the film there was a guy who had a beautiful girl with brunette hair wake up and say to the guy to take her home and the guy said back to her this is home and she saw a view of a big beautiful huge house that had a courtyard with a fountain in the center also with fancy cars going around the fountain culdesac then the guy hands her roses and she then complained about the roses having some thorns on them as the thorns cut into her hand and pierces her skin later in the movie he takes her out shopping for a fur coat I think.

I also remember the same guy in the Movie having two people tapped into two different chairs inside a house and he puts a golf ball on a tee right in front of them and swings the golf club hitting the golf ball off the tee and hitting one of the two people in the face very hard with that golf ball from swinging that golf club and hitting that gold ball at point blank range.

The guy swinging at the golf club on a tee and hitting someone at point blank range was doing it to try to get information they looked like a wealthy married couple I don’t think he meant to hit one of them in the face on the first swing but did. The Man and Women were both tapped in chairs and there mouths were also tapped.

The guy swinging the gold club looked somewhat like a Timothy Dalton or Jason Isaacs or maybe James Woods he was a very sinister person in the Movie I have checked all 3 of those guys on IMDB and sadly they are not in the Movie I have lost sleep trying to find!!!

There was also bank fraud done in the movie it was some kind of white collar crime where banks were getting scammed.

Someone else (not the guy swinging the golf club) in this movie also lost a finger I believe it was there thumb and they later said they wouldn’t even need to get my prints they have my thumb there - to something that had happened earlier in the film…I think he lost his thumb because of a van door slamming on it or something to that effect, where they needed to flee from the heist quickly.

It seemed that everyone in this movie was hustling each other and the guy that was missing his thumb was partners with another guy that was a bald black guy. In one scene the bald black guy walked into the Bank to try to scam the Bank somehow. The bald black guy had on purple sunglasses and very nice white suit dressed to look very wealthy as part of the scam, If I remember it looked like ll cool j but it was not him I checked it on IMDB, I also remember in this very scene where he got nervous and about bailed saying something to the effect that I think I have the wrong bank…I also remember where a branch of the government was hidden in a van because they had caught on to these two doing this type of fraud but didn’t want to bust them yet…kinda like in the movie heat…It was like that so the Banker said back no you don’t have the wrong back and proceeded to setup to do business at that Bank but they were not caught yet at this point in the movie.

I can not remember how this movie ended because I was not able to finish it but it was so good I only saw parts of it once when I was a kid and my mom made me shut it off because there was some nudity in the movie…I know one scene was that same girl with that brunette hair you saw her bare chest because that is right when my Mom made me turn it off but not a whole bunch of nudity I don’t think.

This movie I know for a fact was made between 1998 to 2003. I want to say early 2000’s and would be a 95% chance of that my gut tells me it was made in 2001 or 2002

I have been trying to get the name of this Movie for years now please if anyone knows it they will be glad that they did and be my hero. Thanks in advance

It’s not this is it? Also known as Hostile Hostages.

Sadly no the movie is not a Christmas movie or around Xmas.