This movie scared me as a child

I remember it being made in colour I think in 1950s/60s. It was about a very rich grumpy businessman who is very unpleasant to everyone. Nobody likes him but they try to be nice because of his wealth and position. He’s in a wheelchair and you only see him from behind. When you briefly see a close up of his face he is alarmingly ugly (though not a picture of a real person). He was involved in a plane crash and someone painted his portrait depicting him in the plane crash in his wheelchair. It could possibly be an episode from a series of different stories similar to The Twilight Zone.


There’s an episode of Twilight Zone called The Masks:

Here’s some snippets, including the man in the wheelchair and the disfigured faces:


This is the closest image I could find but his face was far more disturbing.

I tried doing an image search on it but nothing came up.

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