This one is for asian horror experts!

Back when I was like 14 years old, a friend of my bought this weird ass movie called, in spanish, “Lo inexplicable”, which roughly translates to “the inexplicable”, “the uncanny” (not Ju-Rei BTW). Something like that. I’m guessing the movie would have been made between 2002-2010, more or less. What I saw that night was probably the worst (or best?) horror experience of my life. And I’ve been trying to find that movie ever since, because we lost the DVD. I will appreciate it for the rest of my life if you could help me find this movie.

It was a documentary, or more like a mockumentary, with a few cameramen and a girl. They’re recording various events in their country. I can’t clearly remember if it was a Japanese or Thai movie, but I’m 100% sure it was Asian. The movie started with the crew entering a building where a suicide had just occurred, they went up the stairs (everything was pretty dark) and they found the corpse at the end of the stairs in a room. The man hanged himself. They went back to leave the building, and just when they were going downstairs, you could see the same man in the ceiling, like a fly. It’s pretty hazy now but I can remember some more parts of the movie. There’s a moment where they go to a city and visit a man that was possessed by evil spirits, and he was vomiting maggots. In another scene, they go to a rural area, with swamps and all, and they go to some sort of shaman, and he kills a chicken and chases them. There’s also a scene where they practice some sort of ritual in a room with threads or something like that.

I can’t clearly remember but I will update any info I get as I’m trying to contact my friend to see if he remembers anything else. Please help!!!

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a little off but “noroi”?

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black magic (2002)?

has chickens and the shaman. american and thai and indonesian film

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