This one movie I watched as a child has been on my mind, I don’t know the name, what actors voiced the characters but I remember most of its plot

So pretty much the movie opens up in this little village/land, where little beings live, the first scene is this little male human looking creature making a bow I presume, and it gets fired as someone barges in, I think it was a female/ male character. I don’t remember much more but the big thing that happens is when the village orb (which I guess keeps the land alive) gets stolen by someone, and everyone panics. The main character and a female plus male character decide to go rescue the orb and get it. They hop through the portal and end up on planet earth, they end up at a toy store and they find clothes for themselves using barbie dolls etc. They then find themselves in a pub with this drunk man with long brown hair and facial hair which is being aggressive, I think they also encounter a dog don’t remember, but this guy spots them and the bartender (women) find a baseball bat and try killing the little people. They escape and find themselves on abandoned property, when they think they’re safe they hear loud crashes and it turns out the building are being destroyed, there’s a scene of them running on the roofs while a wrecking ball chases them. They again escape. Now the villain, he was very creepy with a big nose and he sniffed a lot? Idk how to explain it but he was bald and skinny and was very jittery, he stole the orb in order to control televisions, and when he changed channels, whatever was in the channel would come out of the television, so one scene a kids watching this ad and popcorn starts pouring out of the screen etc. The villains plan was the pour lava out of everyone’s televisions to kill everyone and rule the world? The little people find him and there’s this whole battle don’t remember much detail, evil guy gets defeated and is put into the television with the lava and is stuck there forever. The little people take the orb and put it back in their little village, The End.
Please someone help me find this movie, I’ve thought about it a lot and I just need to rewatch it for good times sake.

boo, zino, and the snurks?