This one old movie where this evil girl tried to kill someone.. Please help me find it lol

I’ll try and describe the movie as much as I can, though I may have mixed some stuff up. I used to watch it when I was a kid… But I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. So here I go

The movie has this one girl who’s in a bikini (She dressed in an egyptian attire.) She has this fat guy who used to work at a restaurant before he met her, he was helping her doing her dirty work, his job was mainly to stir this soup of blood in a pool. So this girl, she kidnapped this one old guy (To sacrifice him I think?) But then his daughter came to the rescue… I remember they fought together and they both fell into a hydraulic compressor, the daughter kicked the other girl down so she can get out of the hydraulic compressor, she got away just fine, but the antagonist got up and tried to escape but she was too late… She was almost out but her body was crushed… I remember this one other guy who was helping the daughter out, he was laughing at the antagonist because she died… That’s how it ended. Also an fyi, the antagonist was in black bikini the whole time.