This request is beyond expert level

I have zero expectation that this will bear fruit. I’m looking for two student films from the University of Minnesota made in the early 1970s.

For the first film I have title (maybe): G’s Last Cocktail Party. The title could possibly be “Gene’s Last Cocktail Party”. I think it is about a man who murders everyone at a cocktail party after his three or four year old son dies. It is possible the son doesn’t die, but is G or Gene remembering his younger self. There may be a scene where the child is running about in lederhosen.

I know even less about the second film. There is a scene where a young boy, four or five, approaches a guy who is standing in front of a chain link fence. The boy asks the guy what’s wrong and they guy shoves the kid into the fence. There is also a scene with the guys dead dog.

I have sent email to the University of Minnesota film department, but they have not replied. G’s last Cocktail party won an award from an international student film festival that I think was based in Europe.

The reason I am seeking these films is because I was the little boy. My mother went to U of M and was friends with several people in the film school. I saw one or both of the films at a showing at the university, but I may have been outside playing in the snow when they ran as I recall being bored with some of the material they were showing.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

IMDB doesn’t list any films containing “Last Cocktail” in the title. But have you tried searching for your own name on it? If the film was listed on IMDB and you were given credit, then you should be listed on there as well.