This will be a tough one (searching for 20 years)

What I can remember from this movie: It is likely anime, it is a cartoon. It was from 89-92ish. It was part of a monthly subscription that also included The Buttercream Gang. There were 3 short stories with different plots. One I can remember was a princess (or 3 princesses) trying to flee a castle. The last scene was with a skeleton key that opened a magic box. The box was spinning around in circles and the princess figured out how to open the box with the key. There was also a scene with an owl eating purple grapes.

The Princess and the Goblin (1991) maybe? I kind of remember Rockadoodle having an owl eating grapes but I’m not 100%. They use to combine these movies with others like Thumbelina, Pebble and the Penguin. Another movie used to be on my kids old disks- Happily ever after (1989) kind of a weird Snow White and there is a smoking red owl character in that I recall. Not sure if this is helpful but maybe check that one?