Hello, I can’t remember the name of the movie (maybe it’s even a series). It seems to me that the word “darkness” was mentioned in the title. From the plot, I only remember that the girl was offered a job in the mansion, she had to look after the children. At some point, parcels began to arrive with a miniature version of the furniture of this mansion. I remember the moment when she was lying in the bath and looking at either these figurines or the letter attached to them. I also remember that the mansion had a separate room completely painted white. In the middle of the room was a small version of the mansion. The girl began to peer into the small windows. She noticed that everything that happened in the real house was displayed in a miniature version. Then she looked into the room, where there was a figurine in the form of her, but behind it was a black figurine. She got scared and turned around, but there was no one behind her. Thank you in advance for your response✨

Are you sure it’s not The Miniaturist?

Let’s try another:

Here’s the scene where she sees herself and looks behind her:

Ok, let’s try two more. The first is Amityville Dollhouse:

The second is not a movie, but an episode of “Tales from the Darkside” called “The Geezenstacks”:
Here’s a shaky-cam snippet of it:

Has a bath scene, dollhouse like the mansion, a lady hired to work in the home, and its a mini series.