Title Needed for Hostage/Abduction/Kidnapping Movie

Hi all, I’m looking for any info (a title or anything helping towards that) for a movie that was probably released in the late 2000s to early- to mid-2010s. It was an American film, possibly on Lifetime or similar. A Google search didn’t get me anywhere. I forget the plot, character names, etc, but I’m hoping someone will recognize the less-central details.

NOTE: This is somewhat graphic.

Early in the movie, there’s a mom teaching her daughter to drive. An important thing that comes up later is that the daughter is having a hard time learning to brake gently.

Skip forward to the climactic scene: the mom and daughter have been taken hostage by a man with a gun. The man tells them to get in a car (I think it was a silver SUV), with the daughter driving and the mom in the front passenger seat; the guy is leaning forward between their seats, telling the daughter where to turn and such as they drive. They’re now on the freeway.

The mom comforts her daughter to keep her calm - then gets an idea. She helps the daughter put on her seatbelt and then puts on her own. The guy makes no move to sit back and put on his own seatbelt. A minute passes, and then the mom calmly reminds her daughter to “brake just like you practiced.” The daughter nods, taking the hint, and waits a few seconds before slamming on the brakes. The guy goes head-first into the middle of the windshield and gets knocked out for a couple seconds, but doesn’t die.

The mom and daughter get out and start running away from the car on the shoulder, but don’t really have anywhere to go. The guy gets out to follow them, takes aim with his gun, and then gets hit and killed by a semi.

Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

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