Title of 'B' Movie

Hi all
My first time here so here goes. I am after the title of a ‘B’ from mid-late 70s. As far as I know it never made it to tv. Plot line goes something like this:
A soldier has made it through advanced training and he thinks he is considered the best. He has just one more test to go through, evade being captured by a team… Up shot is, he is actually a failure and he is being hunted by the best as their last test.
Thanks guys

any chance it could be later than 70s like “opposing force”?

Thanks for the response. Just looked up this one and unfortunately it’s not it. There was a woman in it but it was based in some wooded area in the uk and if memory serves the end sequence was the soldier thinking as he is carried into an ambulance that he had made it but the nurse injecting him with fluids… is one of the other hunters. Curtain, closes and credits roll.