Transforming robot/mechs sci-fi from old times

Hi everyone, need you guys to help me find a name for an old movie, probably from Asia (Hong Kong), likely 80s or 90s with robots or mechs, the movie I barely remember was also played, not a cartoon, and you can exclude it right away movies like, Robotrix or I love maria (but It has the vibe of a movie I’m looking for).

The short scene I remember was a ‘robot’ in the shape of two rectangular parts, that flew into an apartment and started to transform itself into a fighting robot and a scene with two other people in that room evolved to the action between them and the mech/robot thing.

Thanks for your help

“Aces Go Places II”, a.k.a “Mad Mission II”, original title: “Zui jia pai dang 2: Da xian shen tong” (1983)?

Maybe this scene?:


Wau! @casspir You are absolutely awesome, looking for this name for so long, and finally, childhood memories revived.

Thx, a lot!

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