Trying to find a 2010s Korean romance movie

I’m trying to find a Korean movie I randomly remembered. I think it came out around 2009-2016 time period. It was about a guy who either worked in or owned a bed and breakfast/hotel/resort by the sea or some kind of water feature and one of the customers who came in was the female lead. She was a celebrity from the big city, I think a writer or actress, leaning more on writer, that was going through a slump or something like that and came to the main leads place to rest and get inspired or something. They fall for one another throughout the movie but she leaves near the end for some reason. I think I remember them not exactly ending up together at the end but it being inferred. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

It might be Star’s Lover (2008)

I found it! Turns out I misremembered some big stuff, mainly that the movie was actually Chinese not Korean. It’s called All you need is love (2015).