Trying to find a European film about a university student where he accidently overdoses and kills project partner

Movie about a geeky University student somewhere in Europe, possibly Scandinavian country. He is studying some STEM degree doing computer coding/programming project where he is paired with a beautiful girl on a project, I think she mentioned she is Polish/Romanian from memory. He is socially awkward around her but they become friends, after they complete their project she invites him over for dinner, after dinner they drink a shot of vodka and she says it is tradition to kiss after the shot. After this he tries to kiss her again and she rejects him saying that she does not like him like that. She also has a small bird in a cage in the apartment. Also just to mention he spends a lot of time video calling this particular cam girl a few times in the movie.

He becomes depressed and he starts drinking a sleeping aid drink that he mixes with water. She is worried about him not responding to her calls/messages and she comes over to check on him. She is thirsty and drinks the sleeping aid before he can tell her not to. She falls asleep and the guy puts her on his table and has sex with her while calling a cam girl who he video calls, she does not know about the girl passed out on the table. She begins to wake up part way through and he quickly gives her more of the sleeping aid drink. She then overdoses and he checks her for a pulse and does not find one.

He begins to panic and his friend who is drunk knocks on his door. he helps his friend to his dorm room to put him to bed and sees his power saw. He proceeds to put the dead girl in the bath tub and cut off her limbs. He then puts all of her in separate boxes and moves the boxes outside to deliver them to an automated postal service to send the boxes elsewhere. The cleaner sees him struggling to drive a car and she offers to help him to where he is going. She drives him to deliver the boxes to the automated delivery service kind of like the amazon pick up and delivery units you see. he gets away with the murder and is not found out.

This movie is disturbing by the end I watched it maybe in 2018/2019 or maybe earlier than that so it is not that recent but within the past 10 years. Thanks in advance for any help.

I finally remembered I solved this movie before and found it

A Young Man with High Potential


was the film mainly in english? i am assuming nudity?