Trying to find a horror movie about a kid with powers

Okay so I’m having trouble trying to find a film I saw on tiktok that I found interesting and really would like to watch but when I went to my saved videos (which I do to find and save for later) I realized the video has been removed so now I’m devastated and desperate. I don’t know if it’s much help but I can identify a specific scene they had shown on TikTok. It goes with a kid walking through a field and there is a group of bullies following behind him. The group of bullies catch up to him and tries to pick a fight. The kid tells them not to touch him. But one of the bullies did anyways and suddenly the bully screams that he is on fire but he was not being physically burned but you could see that the kid was starting to scar like he was being burned and he dies and his eyes were cloudy white. And that was all the I saw on TikTok or what I remember. If anybody could recall this scene and remember the movie, please help me find this movie and possibly give me the title to this movie. Thank you

It reminded me of

If the kid is a girl it could be