Trying to find a martial arts movie, specific scene details included!

Hi, I’m trying to find the name of a martial arts action movie.

What I remember:

A depressed (possibly drunk) martial arts master is recruited to fight and is given a tessen (metal war fan weapon, which may have belonged to his family?)

The master was depressed because of his romantic interest in a family member, his sister??

The night before the fight scene the master bathes and makes himself presentable, he looked like a bum before then.

At the start of the fight scene, the person/people he is protecting run to him where he greets them and they go inside the building, leaving the master outside on the building stairs. There are quite a few stairs, the master is standing near the middle of them with the war fan weapon and in a full black coat/outfit, like Neo in the Matrix.

Then the people who were chasing the master’s friends show up and a one versus many fight scene commences. The master is able to bring down many foes with his skills and tessenjutsu, but he is eventually overwhelmed and killed. The foes have many kind of weapons, including chains that they wrapped the master in, who broke free with his war fan lol

Thanks for the help!