Trying to find love drama, set over course of one night in a motel in US

Desperately trying to find a movie I watched in 2018 or 2019. This is the story: A man and a woman, both married/with partners, travel alone and stay in the same motel for one night. As neither can sleep (too bright lights outside their rooms) they end up chatting. Find they have lots to talk about and in common (such as being fans of one particular director and his movies, I think it is John Hughes). As the night drags on, their relationship develops. They go out for a bite to eat, then back to the motel. There is building chemistry and the idea of spending the rest of the night together, which they end up doing. Such is the connection between them that when morning dawns they consider leaving their respective partners and they imagine a life together. But, the next morning he finds her gone. Sounds like not much of a story but it was pretty compelling. I think I remember the main characters are actually married in real life. They were not known to me from other movies. I have tried all the other “find a movie apps” but this is probably one that is too unimportant to be listed anywhere… Anybody who can help, I would love to remember the name of this film and rewatch it some time!

it could be “28 hotel rooms”, but this lasts for more than one night

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Thanks for the tip, it’s not the one I am looking for but does sound like a pretty good movie too!