Trying To Find The Name Of A Lifetime Movie

So y’all this a original Lifetime movie and it is years old but I only remember seeing it once maybe I saw it twice cant really remember anyways here is what I remember happened on the movie….

So it was teen girl and she has a boyfriend and they have s*x and they while they were doing it she told him to stop and I think he did and then she went and told her parents that her boyfriend raped her but he didn’t. So now the boy has to clear his name. I remember one line the boy said and it was “ I didn’t rape her she wanted it “.

One more thing I think they title might have the word “ ring “ or “ circle “ in it I’m really not sure.

I don’t remember any characters. Please find the title guys.

tenth circle?

he didn’t clear his name but killed himself. i think his name is cleared later on.

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Not sure if this is the movie or not but I’ll will watch and see