Trying to find the name of a movie

Hi there. Desperately trying to find the name of a movie. Thinking B grade 1980ish. Involved a blind girl on a roadtrip (in an RV) either with her father or parents, pretty sure its cold or snow (maybe Canada). Anyway on their travels she stumbles across an escapee who kidnaps her (i think) and so begins their journey into the woods. During their time together they develop an affection for each other. The blind girl showing compassion and not judging the escapee because she can’t see him. She softens him. Vaguely remember them climbing along a cliff edge. Sorry I don’t remember the name of any of the stars in it. I have searched heaps for it myself and can’t find. :slightly_frowning_face:

Lost in the Dark possibly?

Good try but I don’t think its those. Think earlier. Think it was a tv movie so might be harder to find sigh. :slightly_frowning_face:

Could be “80 Steps to Jonah”, here’s the trailer: Wayne Newton 80 Steps to Jonah 1969 movie trailer - YouTube

Yeah don’t think its that one either. I’m thinking 70/80’s it was made.