Trying to remember the name of a scary horror movie (not mainstream) made with zero budget

Movie is found footage style, and has a couple and their corgi dog living in a mobile home. They get terrorized by evil spirits, and the man finds strange symbols in the sand under the home and sees what looks like a giant wolf. I also remember part of their yard had cracks in the earth and some kind of pit beneath. The movie opens with the man and the dog walking in the woods and coming across some old gravestones. Saw this one maybe 6 years ago or so, and it is amazing considering they had no budget. Can anyone identiry this one for me?

I was thinking “The Hallow” but that isn’t really found footage styling.

I found “Remnants” on YouTube pretty much what you describe. Not sure if real movie or only YouTube? Remnants - A "found footage" horror film. - YouTube