TV movie, late 2010s

I can’t remember the name of a movie that aired on tv and need some help figuring it out. Here are some things from the movie that I remember:

—The main actor was also the director of the movie. Most of the cast was Caucasian I believe. There weren’t any “big-name” actors in the movie. I think the runtime was pretty short - maybe 1.5 hours.

—The movie is about a guy who is trying to organize a party at his apartment/house but little things keep going wrong and ruining his plans, although in the end he prevails and gets the party started.

—In one scene, the guy is at a convenience store and he is trying to go into the bathroom. However, there is a girl in the bathroom who is talking on the phone. At one point, he asks her something like “are you done sh**ing?” and she says something like “I don’t sht!”

—In another scene, the guy picks someone up from the airport. The person insists that he must be taken to a fast food restaurant (it was a specific one) because it was a tradition for him to always go to this specific restaurant after leaving an airport.

—In another scene, the guy confronts someone at his party and accuses him of stealing his iPod, but I think he was wrong ultimately and he had just misplaced his iPod.

—I think at one point, the gate to his apartment complex gets damaged somehow and strangers end up coming into his apartment for the party, and one of those strangers ended up being the one he accused of taking his iPod.

I don’t even think it was seen enough times to get any notable reviews; it does not pop up anywhere after countless searches.

I somehow remember all this detail but not the name of the movie. This is infuriating. Any help would be appreciated.