TV series before 2006(?) on the scifi channel or the like about a guy who gets transported to a different dimension

I have been looking for a tv series about a guy who is transported to a different dimension.

I believe the series aired before 2006. It was on a popular channel like Sci-Fi Channel or SyFy, or something similar.

In the show, there is a single main character who is transported to a another dimension. I think the opening credits show him walking in a desert full of sand dunes maybe.

I forget how he gets there.

There seems to be a group of people/aliens that rule the land dwellers. A council of some sort. They restrict technology and innovation and will punish anyone who doesn’t obey. I think they live in a spaceship up in the sky and have access to advanced technology.

The land dwellers only have the basic of technology, like they are in the stone age.

The main character doesn’t really follow the rules.

In one episode about farming, people use a hand tool to poke holes in the ground and drop seeds in. The man cannot bear to see this and creates a new tool that attaches to the foot that has 3 or so of the pokers that can be used to walk across the field and create the holes faster. People like the invention, but get scared because it is breaking the rules.

I think the main character is eventually taken to be questioned by the governing council(?) and punished.

I have looked up shows and I know it is not the following:
battlestar galactica
star trek
babylon 5
the outer limits
quantum leap

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Sounds kind of like a Sliders episode, though i cant find one that matches this description.

Also similar to a few Stargate concepts.