Two horror movies

I have a nasty habit of falling asleep after watching the beginning five minutes of horror movie on Tubi. Here are the two I can’t find. I’ll provide any information that I can on them. Any help would be appreciated:

  1. First movie is a horror film. It is in English but I believe the story takes place in Italy. I would say the movie was filmed 2005 to 2018. A man is filming the people in his life. He has a very unhappy Italian girlfriend. At one point he is filming her as she has a fight with her boss in the restaurant where she works. The man who is filming also goes to meet a friend who is working construction and the man films this friend of his while they are talking about their past together. The last scene that I remember is the man and his girlfriend talking about going to London.

  2. Second movie is also a horror film. I fell asleep five minutes in. It begins with a girl talking to her father who is about to go out on a date. He asks if she is comfortable with him dating since her mother died and she says she it. They have a brief conversation and he leaves. Her boyfriend come over. They begin to drink. She offers him a drink and he says that it tastes like licking a butthole. He then talks awkwardly about licking buttholes for two or three minutes.

Thank you in advance.

The first reminded me of